Saturday, January 11, 2014

Now, Renewal of Effort on Philosophy and Practice of Samkhya-Yoga.

Atha: now. A word often used at the beginning of Sanskrit texts. Its use denotes an auspicious occasion and represents the performance of a mangala or good omen by the author.

This post marks the renewal of work in the field of Samkhya-Yoga philosophy and practice. This work has gone through a number of starts and stops during the past five years. During this time I've encountered many obstacles both internal and external. 

The primary obstacle is financial. Since I must work to support myself, that must be my first priority, and my interest in Samkhya-Yoga philosophy must be subordinate and not a distraction. To my great dismay, I've also encountered some stiff resistance from certain Hindu intellectuals in internet forums, who have attacked me relentlessly. Ultimately the desire to overcome those who have made themselves my enemies is the motivation to continue this work.

I've come to realize that it is only by overcoming my own internal obstacles that I will overcome those that are external, and this will only come about through commitment, self-discipline, and hard work. 

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